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World War I Memorial:

Acer, Babbs, Burrows, Butcher, Clark, Cook, Cranmer, Dale, Eady, Estall, Edwards, Elliott, Everett, Evers, Freeborn, Gazzard, Gunton, Horsley, Humphrey, Larkin, Lester, Milne, Pearce, Reynolds, Rogers, Ruffle, Sexton, Squirrell, Stubbings, Sutton, Theadon, Tyler, Walton, Warner, Wick

St Mary the Virgin

Lucy Hankin was baptised here in 1796, the illegitimate daughter of Sarah.  She became the wife of John Campion.

The Siggers Family:

Alice SIGGERS,  Abt 1848

Arthur SIGGERS,  Abt 1850

Emma SIGGERS,  Abt 1843

Harriett SIGGERS,  Abt 1846

John SIGGERS,  Abt 1804

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